5 Dec

RAGBRAI on Small Town Big Deal This Evening!

Andrea Parrott - 0 comments

Small Town(s)... Big Deal! RAGBRAI will be featured on an episode of Small Town Big Deal tonight (Thursday, December 5)!

10 Sep

2013 Rider Cup Award: Adaptive Sports Iowa Team

TJ Juskiewicz - 5 comments

A physical disability or visual impairment should not be a barrier to anyone that wants to experience RAGBRAI.  That is the philosophy of the Adaptive Sports Iowa Team, the ...

30 Aug

Stranger helps woman complete RAGBRAI mug collection

Emily Schettler - 1 comment

After five years, the empty space above Barbara McNeal’s fireplace is full thanks to a cardboard sign and a generous cyclist. The RAGBRAI coffee mug that McNeal has been on the ...

8 Aug

Join us for the RAGBRAI Reunion on the High Trestle Trail on Saturday, August 24

TJ Juskiewicz - 4 comments

Gather for Fun Ride on the High Trestle Trail at your own pace and distance of choice. RAGBRAI’s RIDE RIGHT Meeting will be at the Flat Tire Lounge, in Madrid on ...

31 Jul

2013 RAGBRAI Lost and Found Items

TJ Juskiewicz - 38 comments

If you lost an item on RAGBRAI, email us at info@ragbrai.com with your name, wristband number, and a brief description of your item.  We will continue to receive items from ...

27 Jul

On the final day, collective magic along the route

Kyle Munson - 9 comments

FORT MADISON, Ia. There was a key moment on last week’s nearly 407-mile parade of two-wheeled corn-gawkers when I was reminded of the crucial magic of the Register’s Annual Great ...

27 Jul

Thousands dip tires in Mighty Mississippi

Michael Morain - 4 comments

FORT MADISON – Thousands of RAGBRAI riders glided into town under a cotton-cloudy sky as locals cheered them toward the Mississippi River. The last obstacle on the 407-mile trek from Council Bluffs ...