25 Jul

Zipline in Pella draws crowd

Regina Zilbermints - 0 comments

It was a long wait for the zipline but RAGBRAI riders stuck in out in Pella. Insurance issues kept a zipline that took up most of a block in Pella closed ...

25 Jul

Kathlynn’s Hope advocates promote message along the roure

Emily Schettler - 0 comments

BUSSEY — Advocates for stricter sentencing guidelines for those who commit crimes against children are taking their campaign on the road. The road along RAGBRAI to be exact. About halfway between ...

25 Jul

Teachers rack up the RAGBRAIs, and the memories

Michael Morain - 0 comments

Pella, Ia. — It’s the classic first-day-of-school question: What did you do this summer? And when it comes up in room 4B at Crossroads Elementary School in West Des Moines, the ...

25 Jul

Woman inspired to ride with father

Regina Zilbermints - 1 comment

Crystal Davis was inspired to go on RAGBRAI by the death of a man she didn’t even know. She was in her first bike race last October, toward the back, when ...

25 Jul

Day 5: What to know before heading out

Des Moines Register - 0 comments

Here’s a quick primer about today’s 52-mile ride from Knoxville to Oskaloosa: WEATHER: The ride will start today with clear skies and temperatures in the mid-60s, WHO-TV forecasts. Expect a high in ...

24 Jul

Munson: Quirks pile up midweek

Kyle Munson - 0 comments

Of all the characters I imagined I might meet along Wednesday’s 50-mile rolling route from Des Moines to Knoxville, the “Condom King” of RAGBRAI probably surprised me most.

24 Jul

Biking through the snow on a very merry RAGBRAI

Timothy Meinch - 0 comments

Expecting the unexpected is a given for any RAGBRAI cyclist.

24 Jul

RAGBRAI 2013: Downtown Des Moines party

RAGBRAI 2013: Downtown Des Moines party RAGBRAI riders party on Court Avenue and on the river bridges during the overnight stop in Des Moines.

24 Jul

Skinny-dippers enjoy pond near Runnells

Michael Morain - 2 comments

Runnells, Ia. — Hundreds of RAGBRAI riders found an idyllic spot to swim — with or without their clothes — at a farm pond a few miles out of town. ...