7 Aug

Congratulations to the Dream Team on Another Great Year!

TJ Juskiewicz - 3 comments

The Dream Team uses the power of a bicycle to assist youth in developing a positive approach to life’s challenges.

4 Aug

Congratulations to Grace from Shenandoah for Winning the 2016 RAGBRAI Kid’s Art Contest

TJ Juskiewicz - 1 comment

This year’s winner of the RAGBRAI Kid’s Art Contest is 9 year old Grace from Shenandoah. Grace’s artwork depicted the local theme in Shenandoah of “Peace, Love, Ride”

30 Jul

Good and bad luck of another unforgettable RAGBRAI

Kyle Munson - 3 comments

Amid tragedy and serendipity, you can't make this stuff up.

30 Jul

RAGBRAI paves road to adulthood for 6-year rider

Timothy Meinch - 0 comments

DeAndre Parson said he wouldn't be in the position he's reached without the Dream Team.

30 Jul

Video: Riders brave the swinging bridge in Columbus Junction

Zach Boyden-Holmes - 0 comments

Riders brave the swinging bridge in Columbus Junction.

30 Jul

Second cyclist dies while riding RAGBRAI; suffered heart attack

Morgan Gstalter - 2 comments

A second cyclist has died along the RAGBRAI route this week. Clifton Kahler, 60, of Florida passed away Tuesday following a heart attack he suffered while riding along Highway 2, according ...

30 Jul

WHO-HD forecast: 80 and partly sunny skies

Aaron Young - 0 comments

Weather details for the last day of RAGBRAI

30 Jul

What to look for Saturday on RAGBRAI

Des Moines Register - 0 comments

The final day of RAGBRAI 2016 promises to be the easiest of the week!

29 Jul

Check out one of RAGBRAI’s oldest buses

Corey Bauters - 0 comments

Omaha-based Team Pump's bus is one of the most colorful, and oldest, team buses currently operating in RAGBRAI.