27 Sep

RAGBRAI Appreciates the Generosity Shown by Carson King, will Pledge $50,000 Toward Goal for Children’s Hospital

TJ Juskiewicz - 9 comments

RAGBRAI appreciates the generosity shown by Carson King, who, through his fundraising, has inspired others with his passion and dedication for helping those in need. In support of his efforts, ...

9 Sep

2019 RAGBRAI XLVII Survey Results

Scott Garner - 9 comments

Thank You RAGBRAI Nation for another great year.  When the weather turns out as great as it was (not so hot), that makes for a much happier week overall. We received ...

29 Aug

RAGBRAI Web Store Reopened!

Andrea Parrott - 2 comments

The RAGBRAI Web Store is officially back online! WE WILL ADD MORE throughout the next week. Including 2019 shorts, and clearance items. Check back often for updates! For now, happy ...

17 Aug

RAGBRAI Training: Extend Your RAGBRAI Fitness

TJ Juskiewicz - 10 comments

by Coach David Ertl So RAGBRAI is over for this year.   Hopefully you are basking in the thrill of completing this ride and feel good about your efforts. And hopefully you ...

5 Aug

RAGBRAI 2019 Surveys

Scott Garner - 5 comments

Now that the dust has settled a bit after our week together, we would like some feedback on how the week went for you.  We can’t control the weather, but ...

2 Aug

Did you lose something on RAGBRAI?

mjepson - 15 comments

  We are currently sifting through the RAGBRAI Lost and Found. If you lost an item on RAGBRAI XLVII and have not yet found it, please send an email to info@ragbrai.com ...

31 Jul

Rest is Magic

Andrea Parrott - 0 comments

RAGBRAI is in the books for another year! We had an awesome time biking through Iowa with all our friends and family. The host towns were so welcoming with plenty ...

27 Jul

Dipping tires in the Mississippi River and dipping out of Keokuk

Zachary Oren Smith - 2 comments

On the last day, cyclists rushed to put in their final mileage for RAGBRAI 2019.

27 Jul

The support crews that make RAGBRAI possible

Zachary Oren Smith - 2 comments

Helping to keep riders on the route, a team of buses and minivans carries supplies and camping equipment from place to place.