27 Jul

RAGBRAI 2019: Route maps, and everything else you want to know for Saturday

Des Moines Register - 1 comment

Finish strong with these maps and links for the final day of RAGBRAI 2019.

26 Jul

‘Unbelievably crooked’: Cyclists ascend Burlington’s Snake Alley

Zachary Oren Smith - 2 comments

One of the big optional challenges Friday was Burlington, Iowa’s Snake Alley a winding 275-foot cobblestone path that racers had to push their way up.

26 Jul

Salem: More than just a stop for RAGBRAI

Zachary Oren Smith - 0 comments

Gene Glover, 76, said RAGBRAI brought the most folks to Salem, Iowa the town has probably ever seen.

26 Jul

RAGBRAI 2019: Route maps, and everything else you want to know for Friday

Des Moines Register - 0 comments

Find RAGBRAI route maps, tips and preview links ahead of the sixth-day journey from Fairfield to Burlington.

25 Jul

Iowa couple takes in injured RAGBRAI veteran after meeting in ER

Shelby Fleig - 5 comments

"That’s why I love Iowa," said Diane Chu. "That's why I love this ride. It's this Iowa hospitality that's unbelievable."

25 Jul

Skating trio turns heads at RAGBRAI

Shelby Fleig - 0 comments

"We're getting super positive reactions from people,” said Arnav “Sonic” Shah. “Everyone's just cheering us on.”

25 Jul

Advice from kid veterans on pie and other RAGBRAI essentials

Shelby Fleig - 0 comments

“The goal of the week is to have as much fun and eat as much pie as possible,” said 12-year-old Karis. “But never buy any pie over $3.”