16 Jun

New York Teacher has a RAGBRAI Lesson Plan

TJ Juskiewicz - 31 comments

I recently introduced RAGBRAI to about 100 middle school children that live in the Upstate/Central New York area. As a math teacher of grades six through eight I have ...

12 Jun

RAGBRAI Reunion: Featuring Fun Ride, Street Party & RIDE RIGHT Meeting in Ankeny

TJ Juskiewicz - 0 comments

We hope you will enjoy riding RAGBRAI this summer and will share some of those experiences with us this fall. Now before you hang that bike up for the ...

10 Jun

Ride indoors in the summer? Are you crazy?

TJ Juskiewicz - 3 comments

It is finally warming up here in Iowa and we can finally get out for some nice long rides to get ready for RAGBRAI. We haven't had the best ...

8 Jun

Participant Wristband Packets

TJ Juskiewicz - 12 comments

Participant Packets have begun to be shipped via UPS. If you registered online and gave a valid email address, individuals and group contacts will receive an email notification once ...

7 Jun

Route Inspection Ride: Day 7 – Mount Pleasant to Burlington

TJ Juskiewicz - 3 comments

RAGBRAI XXXVII will finish in this beautiful historic community on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, marking the fifth time RAGBRAI has ended in Burlington. Since it is a ...

6 Jun

Route Inspection Ride: Day 6 – Ottumwa to Mount Pleasant

TJ Juskiewicz - 0 comments

For the third straight day, it was another beautiful day. With nice temps, the sun was shining and the wind and your back for the western portions, it was ...

5 Jun

Route Inspection Ride: Day 5 – Chariton to Ottumwa

TJ Juskiewicz - 2 comments

It was another beautiful day in Iowa. With temps in the 70s, cloud cover and little wind to speak of, it was a perfect day for riding. The ...

3 Jun

Route Inspection Ride: Day 4 – Indianola to Chariton

TJ Juskiewicz - 2 comments

What a gorgeous day! It was 70 degrees, sunny and a nice tailwind straight out of the north. What else could one ask for? It was the ...

2 Jun

Route Inspection Ride: Day 3 – Greenfield to Indianola

TJ Juskiewicz - 4 comments

It has rained from the end of the ride yesterday for 24 straight hours until everyone was off the bikes this afternoon. It could be worse as we all ...

31 May

Route Inspection Ride: Day 1 – Council Bluffs to Red Oak

TJ Juskiewicz - 8 comments

Twenty riders gathered this morning at the trailhead to the Wabash Trace Natural Trail in Council Bluffs to begin the annual RAGBRAI Route Inspection Ride. This 442-mile fact finding ...