19 Jul

The sun sets on day one

RAGBRAI - 2 comments

Riders were still battling their way up the final grueling hills on the way to Red Oak when the sun set on Sunday. –L. Lars Hulsebus

19 Jul

Three cheers for the bachelorette

RAGBRAI - 0 comments

Four alumni of St. Edmund Catholic School in Fort Dodge hit the road this week as Team Rah Rah, as they have for the last 6 or 7 years.

19 Jul

Skip spandex; these guys ride in kilts

RAGBRAI - 114 comments

The 30-some member team is touring the state in a flame-emblazoned bus complete with stripper pole. Every man on the team wears a kilt, and every woman dresses differently throughout ...

19 Jul

Obama Lemonade near Henderson

Michael Morain - 51 comments

John Scherle squeezed a little politics into the lemonade he sold on his farm near Henderson. According to the signs he posted for “Hope-y, Change-y Obama Lemonade,” with special “class ...

19 Jul

Colorado riders know big races

RAGBRAI - 1 comment

Giant athletic events are nothing new for Barry Siff. The Boulder, Colo. resident has organized more than 60 multi-sport events, including last week’s Boulder Peak Triathlon, and has competed in ...

19 Jul

Fainting goats near Mineola

Michael Morain - 5 comments

It was a perfect, cool climb from the Council Bluffs flood plain into the loess hills this morning. A gauzy fog lingered until about 7:30 a.m., and as riders rolled ...

18 Jul

Council Bluffs scrapbook

Michael Morain - 1 comment

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian bridge is a marvel. It's an S-shaped suspension bridge that curves in such a way that you can feel it bounce a little as you walk ...

18 Jul

Strange finds at the Expo

Michael Morain - 0 comments

The ladies at GoGirl ( sold all 200 of the $6 “female urination devices” they brought to sell. The flexible pink funnels, known as FUDS, are made from medical-grade silicone ...

16 Jul

Four years of RAGBRAI photos


Each year, Des Moines Register photographers take hundreds of photos along the RAGBRAI route. Here are links to all (well, most) of the photo galleries from the past four years.

16 Jul

Where to find the Iowa Telecom Trailer


Stop by to check up on your e-mail messages, surf the web, or just enjoy a few minutes of air conditioning. Riders, drivers, and community members are all welcome.