8 Nov

RAGBRAI XLVIII registration to open Monday, November 11

Anne Lawrie - 4 comments

Hello RAGBRAI riders, You may have heard that we are moving up registration to this coming Monday, November 11th at 5:00 a.m. Frankly, we made the decision because we were too ...

16 Oct

Here’s what you need to know about 2020’s RAGBRAI XLVIII

RAGBRAI - 14 comments

We know you have questions about what's happening at RAGBRAI. Here are some answers.

16 Oct

RAGBRAI friends, we’re here to answer your questions

Anne Lawrie - 33 comments

Greetings, RAGBRAI friends, As you’ve probably heard, we’ve had a bit of change here. TJ and the rest of the RAGBRAI staff decided to resign  – and yes, we were surprised. ...

15 Oct

RAGBRAI will continue its 48th ride across Iowa in 2020, despite staff resignations

Courtney Crowder - 41 comments

The marketing team behind the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, more commonly known as RAGBRAI, resigned Tuesday. In tandem with their resignation, the former staff announced a new bike ride, ...

27 Sep

RAGBRAI Appreciates the Generosity Shown by Carson King, will Pledge $50,000 Toward Goal for Children’s Hospital

TJ Juskiewicz - 9 comments

RAGBRAI appreciates the generosity shown by Carson King, who, through his fundraising, has inspired others with his passion and dedication for helping those in need. In support of his efforts, ...

20 Sep

New Episode of the JustGoBike Podcast! Episode 133: Gravel Goodness with Rose Willey

Andrea Parrott - 0 comments

Murph chats with Rose Willey on how to “expand your possible” with biking! Specifically, how to get into gravel riding and enjoy an often bypassed part of the Iowa roadways. ...

20 Sep

2020 Registration’s Just Around the Corner!

Andrea Parrott - 0 comments

We are just under two months out from RAGBRAI XLVIII registration! The lottery opens November 15. That means you have plenty of time to make sure you remember your password, ...

16 Sep

New Episode of the JustGoBike Podcast! Episode 132: Primal’s CEO is Passionate About Giving Back

Andrea Parrott - 1 comment

TJ visits with Dave Edwards about Primal’s past, present and future and all the great things that Primal has done to give back! Primal has been RAGBRAI’s official jersey manufacturer ...

9 Sep

2019 RAGBRAI XLVII Survey Results

Scott Garner - 9 comments

Thank You RAGBRAI Nation for another great year.  When the weather turns out as great as it was (not so hot), that makes for a much happier week overall. We received ...

6 Sep

New Episode of the JustGoBike Podcast! Ep 131: Biking at 93 Years Young with Clarence Boesenberg

Andrea Parrott - 4 comments

TJ and AP kick off this week’s episode chatting about responses to the RAGBRAI Rider and Support Driver Surveys. We hear ya! Then Murphology interviews Cedar Rapids’ Clarence Boesenberg about ...