• February 20, 2011

    RAGBRAI Training: Think Iowa’s Flat? Think Again.

    Everyone who isn't from Iowa tends to have a stereotype of Iowa - that it's flat as a pancake.  I know I did before I moved here.  C...

  • February 01, 2011

    RAGBRAI Training: What’s the Difficulty of this Year’s Route and How Should You Prepare?

    What's the difficulty of this year's RAGBRAI route and how should you prepare? Now that the overnight towns for this year's RAGBRAI have been announced, we can begin to understand how easy or difficult the ride might be.

  • January 10, 2011

    RAGBRAI Training: Welcome 2011 RAGBRAI riders!

    This is the first of many blogs I will be writing this season to help you prepare (dare I say 'train'?) for a successful and fun ride across Iowa this summer.

  • August 09, 2010

    Don’t hang up that bike just yet!

    You have just finished RAGBRAI and hopefully you had a wonderful time. The weather wasn't too bad, typical of Iowa in July. One thing is for certain. If you rode all of RAGBRAI, or even half of it, you are probably in the best shape you'll be in all year, maybe even your whole life!

  • July 15, 2010

    RAGBRAI Training: Preparing for RAGBRAI and Last Minute Tips

    It’s 91 degrees and humid here in Des Moines today. The corn is tasseling. So we know RAGBRAI can’t be far off. Here are some last minute tips for preparing your bike and your body for the ride.

  • July 01, 2010

    RAGBRAI Training: Riding in the Rain

    In Iowa we've had more than our share of rain again this year. Rivers are flooding and it seems like it rains every other day, if not every day. It sure has made getting out and riding difficult. It can create some possible hazards while riding in the rain so I'll address these.

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