The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa

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3 Apr

Top Ten Training Tips for RAGBRAI: #1 Riding Safely

TJ Juskiewicz - 0 comments

This year I am going to focus my training blogs on 10 important topics for preparing well for RAGBRAI. These are based on questions and comments I have received ...

12 Mar

RAGBRAI Training: RAGBRAI is Coming, Let’s Get Ready!

TJ Juskiewicz - 3 comments

Once again, Coach David Ertl will be providing training tips for you to use and follow as you prepare for your successful trip across Iowa this year. Many people ...

10 Aug

RAGBRAI Training: Now that RAGBRAI is Over for Another Year, What Should You Do?

TJ Juskiewicz - 2 comments

Well, RAGBRAI came and went, and I hope you were well prepared and had a great time. Hopefully you learned something to do better for next year.

12 Jul

RAGBRAI Training: Healthy Eating on RAGBRAI

TJ Juskiewicz - 3 comments

Cycle Coach David Ertl gives us tips on how to ride RAGBRAI without gaining weight.

5 Jul

RAGBRAI Training: Rule #5: Cycling is a Great Exercise, But Not Perfect

TJ Juskiewicz - 2 comments

Here we are at the final of my 5 rules of training. As much as we all like cycling and think it is a great physical activity (it is), ...

30 Jun

RAGBRAI Training: Rule #4: Resting is Training Too

TJ Juskiewicz - 1 comment

Number 4 on my 5 Rules of Training list is rest. God said to rest one day a week, I say you can even rest two or even three days ...

22 Jun

RAGBRAI Training: Rule #3: Ride Fast

TJ Juskiewicz - 1 comment

All right, I know I’ve said numerous times in this blog that RAGBRAI is not a race, so why would I tell you to go out and ride fast in ...

15 Jun

RAGBRAI Training: Rule #2 : Ride Far

TJ Juskiewicz - 2 comments

Rule #1 is Ride Consistently. Rule #2 is built upon Rule #1. Riding consistently will prepare your body for the daily rigors of riding on RAGBRAI. ...

4 Jun

RAGBRAI Training: Rule #1: Train Consistently

TJ Juskiewicz - 0 comments

My first rule is to ride consistently as you are preparing for RAGBRAI. Because RAGBRAI isn't just one day-long ride like so many other bike tours, it requires a ...

18 May

RAGBRAI Training: 5 Rules of Training

TJ Juskiewicz - 1 comment

I am going to let you in on a little secret. My secrets of coaching. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. But here they are.

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