ARGO – Riverbend Bicycle Club

The Riverbend Bicycle Club (RBBC) is a bike club based out of Clinton, IA. We are also an official RAGBRAI Charter Service. The club is an organization of people interested in the joys of safe bicycling.  As a club, our goal is to provide an opportunity for bicyclists to enjoy fellowship with fellow cyclists, discuss issues concerning bicycling, and brag about their most recent cycling adventures. It is also the goal of RBBC to promote safe bicycle riding, inform the public of the advantages and needs of bicyclists everywhere, and spur interest in cycling to grow the sport through an educated public and bicyclist themselves.

What is the RBBC charter service?

We offer charter service to bike club members and non-members.  Our charter service provides a bus ride from the end town to the start town and transports your luggage for the week.  We meet in the end town on Friday night and Saturday morning before the ride starts to load bicycles in trucks for transport. Saturday morning riders take a bus ride across the state, arriving at the start town Saturday afternoon. This is where the fun (chaos?) begins. Starting Sunday morning riders will pack up their camping gear and get their bikes ready for the day. Riders bags must be loaded on the truck by 7:30 am and will be transported by the crew from Argo Moving to the next town while the riders are on the route. When riders get to the next overnight town there will be signs directing riders to our campsite.

Some of the great advantages of riding with RBBC:

  • NEW THIS YEAR KYBOS (Portable Toilets)
  • Predetermined camping locations
  • Bike pumps and tools
  • Coffee in the morning
  • Charging station for cell phones and other electronics
  • FREE soda, water, and other drinks.
  • Snacks
  • Canopies to stay out of the sun
  • Chairs to relax in after a long day of riding
  • A great friendly group of riders




PO Box 1571
Clinton IA 52733-1571

Cell Phone: 563-650-2595