Charter Service Overview:

We take great pride in serving you year after year.  Our goal is to provide outstanding service for your outdoor bicycle adventure in Iowa. We try to do this by providing services that make it easier to enjoy RAGBRAIwithout adding in services that you don’t need and will just increase your cost. Of course, value is a lot like beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder! Our goal is to provide outstanding service for your outdoor bicycle adventure across Iowa. We do this by providing exceptional customer service with attention to detail. Learn why 99.5% of past customers would recommend us to others.

RAGBRAI Service Options: 

Option 1: Bus and bike transportation from Clinton to Le Mars on July 24, 2021, and daily camping/baggage service for the week. Our campsites have shower trucks (additional cost), canopies, chairs, portable bathrooms, handwashing stations, electronic charging stations, luggage carts, a wide variety of beverages, bike pumps.  Your bags are covered when it rains. We bring our own bike mechanic, color-coded luggage tags.

Option 2: Bus and bike transportation from Clinton to Le Mars on July 24, 2021

Option 3: Daily camping/baggage services for the week.

Option 4: Daily camping/baggage service per day.

Contact Information:

Charter Contact: Bob Brancel

PO Box 98
Wauankee, WI, 53597

Cell Phone: 608-215-5939
Day Phone: 608-849-1962

Charter capacity: 500-700 

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