RAGBRAI LI Route Announced on Jan. 27!



Charter Service Overview:

Cedar Valley Cyclists (CVC) is a non-profit bicycling organization in the Waterloo/Cedar
Falls, Iowa metropolitan area. The mission of CVC is to promote safe, social, and
inclusive bicycling activities for people of all ages and abilities.

We offer a tour-style charter bus with transportation from Waterloo to the start town on
the Saturday preceding the start of RAGBRAI, and from the end town back to Waterloo
on the afternoon of the final day. Charter service includes the following:

• Bike and gear transport
• Baggage hauling and unloading all week
• Camping at reserved campground locations in each overnight town
• Shade canopy, chairs and beverages in the campgrounds
• A charging station, morning coffee, mattress air pumps, bike floor pumps, bike
racks, porta-potties, and shower facilities (dependent on availability of water and
local regulations)

RAGBRAI Charter Service Options: 

  • Plan A: 2-way charter bus, baggage hauling & camping all week, campground
  • Plan B: Baggage hauling & camping all week, campground amenities.
  • Plan C: Daily (per diem) baggage hauling & camping w/campground amenities,
    and/or charter bus transportation


Contact Information:

Charter Contact: Deb Bartels or Bob Recker
Email: deb@ridecvc.org or bobr@ridecvc.org or ragbrai@ridecvc.org

Charter Capacity: 150 riders 
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