RAGBRAI LI Registration is Now Open!



Charter Service Overview:

Pedaling Pandas offers snacks and continental breakfast, dinner, restrooms, charging stations, DIY bike work station, transportation from the end town to the starting town, daily route maps, fresh cotton towels, laundry service and hospitality area.

RAGBRAI Service Options: 

Panda Package 1 (Limited) Tent & Porter!! Includes full tent and porter service for a single rider. $1,000/Person (Transportation purchased separately)

Panda Package 2 (Limited) Tent & Porter!! Rooming with a friend or loved one? Share a tent and Save Money! $900/Per-Person (Transportation purchased separately)

Bring Your Own Tent!! All the benefits of the full charter with cost savings if you provide and set up your own tent, air mattress, or sleeping pad! $800/Per-Person (Transportation purchased separately)

Panda Cooler Service: This service would provide unlimited ice to a personal hand-carried cooler. The cooler can be a personal cooler purchased at a third-party retailer or a branded Pedaling Pandas cooler purchased from a previous event!!

Transportation Only: This service includes bus/bike/luggage charter on July 20, 2024. It does not include any other Pedaling Pandas Services during RAGBRAI LI week. This package is one-way only with the option to upgrade to a full package!! $200/Person

Contact Information:

Email: contact@pedalingpandas.com

319-449-1115 | 319-596-6006

Charter capacity: 100

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