RAGBRAI LI Day Passes are still available!


The following list of charter companies, clubs and individuals are independent of RAGBRAI. This list includes charters that have committed their service to RAGBRAI this year.

They are the only ones sanctioned by the Des Moines Register and RAGBRAI. All arrangements are made between you and the charter operator and do not involve the Des Moines Register and RAGBRAI officials.

NO CHARTER WILL ACCEPT ANYONE WHO DOES NOT HAVE PARTICIPANT CREDENTIALS ISSUED BY RAGBRAI. (The official identifying number is indicated on the wristband, bicycle band, and the baggage tag.)

No charter can provide you with, or guarantee such credentials or wristbands along with their service.


    Alpaca Adventure Tours is a hassle-free way to enjoy your Ragbrai experience. Your job is to get on your bike and ride. Our job is t...


    Anywhere Cycling Experience, LLC is an official charter service for RAGBRAI. ACE was developed to add additional support to the growing demand from people outside the state of Iowa who wished to join the cross state ride. ACE offers a private campsite, baggage support, a beverage tent with chairs and low cost drinks, a charging station, showers and an inexpensive grab and go breakfast. Consider joining us in your adventures across Iowa!


    The Riverbend Bicycle Club (RBBC) is a bike club based out of Clinton, IA. We are also an official RAGBRAI Charter Service. The club is an organization of people interested in the joys of safe bicycling.  As a club, our goal is to provide an opportunity for bicyclists to enjoy fellowship with fellow cyclists, discuss issues concerning bicycling, and brag about their most recent cycling adventures.


    The Bicyclists of Iowa City (BIC) was founded in 1976. Since we began as a small group of passionate individuals, the club has since grown to over 400 members from the Iowa City area. Primarily located in Johnson County, Iowa, with a 2013 estimated population of 139,000, the club has become locally and regionally known and recognized by cyclists and members of the community as a prime source for cycling advocacy.


    We are an officially endorsed RAGBRAI charter service based within the city of Chicago. Our professional staff prides itself on outstanding customer service and no one knows how to support you in Chicago better than we do! We want you to know exactly what to expect by providing you as much information as possible through our website ahead of time. We want you to feel absolutely confident in our service so you can make the best decision for you and your personal travel plans. Contact us and we will be happy to address your questions!


    Bike World has decades of RAGBRAI Charter experience...  We're in charge of the logistics, but you're in charge of the fun! Our goal is to make things more convenient for you on your cycling vacation.


    Bikes To You has offered charter services for RAGBRAI for over 25 years. We love helping people with the logistics of RAGBRAI!


    Brancel Charters is a family run business with 18 years of experience. We love the entire experience of RAGBRAI and align our services so that you will love it too! We offer weeklong camping services as well as bus and bike transport from the ending town to the beginning town on the weekend before the ride begins.


    Founded by Justin Eastman and Jake Simons in 2016, Central Iowa Charters has provided quality and affordable charter services to individuals and groups based in the Des Moines Metro area, as well as many out-of-state riders from around the country.  We strive to make your RAGBRAI experience easy and enjoyable. 


    Cedar Valley Cyclists (CVC) is a non-profit, bicycling organization located in Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Iowa. The mission of CVC is to promote safe, social, and inclusive bicycling activities for people of all ages and abilities.


    Chain Gang Getaways brings a unique blend of local knowledge, cycling expertise, and genuine hospitality to ensure an extraordinary ...


    Iowa Valley Bicycle Club offers a full charter for RAGBRAI® each year. We have 104 spaces available each year, so get all your paperwork into us early to secure your charter space for the best week of the year!


    This family-run charter has been helping riders enjoy RAGBRAI for 15+ years. From starting your day with fresh hot coffee, getting your gear to the next campsite, unpacking the trucks, and supplying coolers full of ice-cold beverages, they do it all.


    North Iowa Touring Club was formed in 1977 by a group of outdoor enthusiasts and has expanded to include a variety of sports. Members of all ages welcome.


    The Out-Of-Staters’ (OOS) Bicycle Club is a family operated charter service supporting RAGBRAI. The club was developed over 40 years ago to meet a need of people from outside the state of Iowa who wished to join the cross state ride. We offer a private campsite and baggage support, an inexpensive grab and go breakfast, a hospitality tent with chairs and low cost drinks, showers, charging station, limited tent rental and set up (for a charge) and top notch customer service - all within a family friendly atmosphere. Each year we accommodate approximately 400-450 cyclists from across the U.S. and abroad in their fun and challenging travels across our great state.


    Run by cyclists, for cyclists, from that perspective. We provide an all-inclusive camping experience with top-notch customer service. Registration includes snacks, beverages, luggage delivery to and from tents, an air mattress, and the option for the largest tents in the industry. Supporting cyclists with full-service camping and detail-oriented customer service since 2007. Why trust anyone else?


    Pedaling Pandas, was founded by a sister duo, we guarantee a hassle-free journey that combines the best in industry service with a welcoming family atmosphere. From snacks and continental breakfast to dinner, restrooms, charging stations, and a DIY bike work station, we've got you covered. Additionally, enjoy transportation from end town to start town, daily route maps, fresh cotton towels, laundry service, and a dedicated hospitality area. Join us and become part of the Pedaling Pandas family today!"


    For almost 30 years, Pork Belly has devoted much of each summer to planning, strategizing, and coordinating our ever-better services for the benefit of our team members. Our hardy Porkers come from all walks of life:  cardiologists and teachers, stockbrokers and firemen, grandparents and gen-Xers.  They come from all over the country and the world. Whether you’re a RAGBRAI veteran or a newbie, if you regularly exercise your sense of humor, you’ll be right at home with Pork Belly Ventures.


    The Quad Cities Bicycle Club was organized in early 1964.  Activities included racing, touring, and social riding.  In 1971 the QCBC was incorporated in the State of Iowa. During the 1970s, QCBC activities expanded into participation in RAGBRAI (the Register’s Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa), a formal club century (the Heartland Century), as well as the Quad Cities Criterium.  The club experienced a huge increase in membership. 


    Ron Oman Charters offers a high-quality charter service for the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. They provide transportation for you and your bike from Omaha to the beginning of the route, the option of camping with the group, baggage service throughout the ride and transportation at the end of the week back to Omaha.


    We are a non-profit focused on getting butts on bikes! Based out of Sioux City, IA; Ragbrai was the beginning of SLC with a group of riders from the area getting together and supporting themselves on the ride. We continue that small group atmosphere today with a dedicated support team and many returning riders. Join us this year!