Clear Lake's Mia Katter Wins Kid's Art Contest

  • 16 July, 2010

Congratulations to Mia Katter, the 3rd grader from Clear Lake, who won the 2010 RAGBRAI Kid’s Art Contest!  Mia’s surfboard sculpture promoting her town’s “Surf’s Up!” theme received the most votes in the online voting contest.  Mia will be rewarded with a check for $350 from RAGBRAI!

Congratulations to Mia and all the young artists that entered the contest.  Be sure to check out all of the art displays in the overnight communities during RAGBRAI.


  1. Jerry M

    Way to go MIA! It’s beautiful!

  2. Margaret Tue

    What a creative winner! A very nice representation of Clear Lake.

  3. Eric Johnson

    Yay!! Way to go Mia! :)

  4. Miekkamom

    Way to go Mia! Your whole family is so proud of you! Keep creating!

  5. CJ Adams

    Good job, Mia!

  6. Marly Johnson

    You’ve got 1 proud great uncle here Mia ! :)

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