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Council Bluffs scrapbook

  • 18 July, 2009
  • Michael Morain

Before I turn in for the night, here are a few highlights from Saturday in Council Bluffs.

1. The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian bridge is a marvel. It’s an S-shaped suspension bridge that curves in such a way that you can feel it bounce a little as you walk across. It towers above speedboaters racing along the muddy Missouri River way, way, waaaay down below.


2. RAGBRAI purists weren’t content to run their tires through the river water that was pumped up across the bridge. Instead, they rolled down the hill on the Nebraska side for the ceremonial dipping.


3. I myself took the plunge.


4. On the way back, a good-lookin’ buck hung out in the weeds near the trail to watch bikers roll by. He seemed pretty accustomed to the crowds.


5. RAGBRAI collided with Council Bluffs’ annual RibFest, where each of seven or eight BBQ stands consecrated its own Temple of Smoked Meat. One example:


6. The Bare Naked Ladies put on an excellent show, but the night’s real hero was the sign-language interpreter on the side of the stage. The band members tried to get her to translate swear words, which was hard enough, but they really made her work with the rapid-fire lyrics to “One Week”: “Chickity China the Chinese chicken / have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin’. / Watchin’ X-Files with no lights on / We’re dans la maison / I hope Smoking Man’s in this one. / Like Harrison Ford, I’m getting frantic / Like Sting, I’m tantric / Like Snickers, I’m guaranteed to satisfy . . . “

Here’s a photo of her. It’s blurry, but she deserves a shout-out:


— Michael Morain

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    Great pix, M

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