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Counting Crows to Headline RAGBRAI's 40th Anniversary Bash in Cedar Rapids

  • 20 March, 2012
  • Jared

On Thursday, July 26, 2012 the community of Cedar Rapids and RAGBRAI will host a celebration event to commemorate the 40 years of the oldest, largest and longest touring bicycle ride in the world.  The Counting Crows will headline the 40th Anniversary Bash.

Counting Crows is an American rock band originating from Berkeley, California. Formed in 1991, the group gained popularity following the release of its debut album in 1993, August and Everything After, which featured the hit single “Mr. Jones”. They have sold more than 20 million albums worldwide and received a 2004 Academy Award nomination for their song “Accidentally in Love”, which was included in the film Shrek 2.  The band’s influences include Van Morrison, R.E.M., Mike + The Mechanics, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, and The Band.

Registered RAGBRAI riders and residents of Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities are invited to attend this special evening, “Celebrating 40 Years of Iowa”.  Register RAGBRAI participants will be admitted free to the celebration.  General public ticket information will be announced soon.

Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett said, “We are honored to host RAGBRAI’s 40th Anniversary celebration in Cedar Rapids. As proud Iowans, it is a privilege to show thousands of visitors our Midwestern hospitality and community spirit.”

T.J. Juskiewicz, RAGBRAI Director said, “We are excited to celebrate 40 years with Iowans and the communities of Iowa who are the true backbone of this ride. Every year Iowans work to make 10,000 plus people feel at home and understand what life in Iowa is all about. We look forward to the working with the community of Cedar Rapids to host this event on July 26.”

More details on the “Celebrating 40 Years of Iowa” event will be released in the near future.


  1. Matt Swartz

    I love the Counting Crows!!!! I can’t wait another moment. I’m gonna ride a wheelie into their hearts. Sha la la la la la yeah! Yea ragbri!!!! This is my dream come true!

  2. juli strasser

    Great pic…BUT WHERE ARE THEIR HELMETS!!! looking forward to CR!

  3. Thrash Dog

    Thank you Cedar Rapids! Counting Crows are awesome! Can’t wait until July!

  4. Geoff Cook

    Awesome! I kinda wanna see Matt Swartz ride a “wheelie into their hearts” way to go Cedar Rapids!

  5. Mark Eggers

    Way to go guys! What a great band to have celebrate with us! And I agree Geoff I wanna see Matt ride a wheelie into their hearts as well!

  6. Pam

    I feel the bike ride should celebrate Iowa by using Iowa Bands whenever possible. I understand that Anamosa had made a deal with a local band that you disapproved without any consideration. That is very sad for an Iowa tradition to reject a great Iowa band for a maybe band. That is also poor planning. I dare you to reply to me regarding this issue. You may also want to check out your facebook page and see all the support that are comming from Iowans regarding this issue.

  7. Mark Buters

    I see your point Pam, but I disagree. I’m happy with a band with the star power and talent of the Counting Crows. I’m a proud Iowan, but let’s get real, no Iowa band compare’s to a Grammy award winning band. I’m with Mr.Swartz, sha la la la la la YEAH! Except the part where he rides a wheelie into their hearts.

  8. Kurt

    Yaaaaaaay! Counting Crows is a great band! And FREE is my FAVORITE price!! Will be on the day of the hardest riding, tho :-S and prior to the hilliest day (in terms of climbing/miles covered). I’ll for sure go anyway, tho! :-D

  9. Tim

    I am the Rain King.

  10. Pam

    To all those concerned. Counting Crows is in Cedar Rapids on Thursday night. The local band I was referring to took time off work and was supposed to be in Anamosa on Friday night. And if you ever heard the band I am referring to you would know they put on an excellent show.

  11. Fred

    Yeah! Crows Rock!

  12. Fred

    RAGBRAI does a nice job of promoting iowa and midwest talent. Seems like we see the nadas a lot and standing hampton. hairbal is killer awesome and i’m glad to see the johnnie holmes band every year. decide for yourself if you want to see this band that this lady is mad about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_bupOQDiks&feature=channel or hairball on a friday night of RAGBRAI? RAGBRAI rocks!

  13. Jeff

    As one of the thousands of riders who come from others states and from around the world I appreciate the balance between local and national talent. I think Counting Crows is an awesome choice. Thanks RAGBRAI!

  14. Eddie Van Halen

    I’ll be there as well, riding with my guitar and amp in my camel back. I’m not local, and I WILL melt tires with my guitar riffs. Wheelies forever!

  15. Randy

    I think there is more to the Anamosa story that what is being told by the people that are upset

  16. Paul

    Local bands can play in the afternoon at several stops along the way. Headline bands should be BIG. Can we get the Stones to play yet?

  17. James

    “no Iowa band compare’s to a Grammy award winning band”. This grammatically incorrect statement from one of the posters above would only be stated by someone who has clearly never made an attempt to even remotely dig into the Iowa music scene. Shameful. I like the Counting Crows and am looking forward to this show, but such a general statement as “no Iowa band compare’s to a Grammy award winning band” is just disgusting.

  18. Mark Buters

    James,James,James….Thanks for quoting me! You really know how to make a man feel special! Must be a James thing. In my 45 years of life I have attempted to dig the Iowa music scene. But I can only take so much of folk music,cover band’s,and country. Let me guess you wanna hear some local sing you 867-5309/Jenny? Or would it be eating a granola bar in your spandex suit listening to 29 hippies sing folk music about absolutely nothing. And what’s disgusting is the amount of tail I’m gonna pull at the show. Holla at your boy James!

  19. Jimmy Sanka


  20. Bike Chicka

    SWEET!!!!! I’ll be the black haired flamenco dancer!!!!!

  21. Ragbrai Nation

    Anticipating the accordion in Last December.

  22. Ragbrai Nation

    Opps. Make that Long December

  23. Hawkfan

    That band was horrible, they put everyone to sleep on Thursday..note to all towns next year, get a band that will get the crowd energized! Luckily we found a nice little bar that had a great band playing, saved the night for us!

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