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Cycling to Ames were plenty of ... Hawkeyes

  • 24 July, 2018

AMES, Ia. — Cyclists making their way to Ames, home of the Iowa State Cyclones, noticed a lot of, well, black and gold on the roads.

For the first time, the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa is stopping at the homes of each of the state’s two largest universities. Tuesday’s route went from Jefferson to Ames. On Friday, it’s Sigourney to Iowa City.

That means there’s going to be some major competition to see which place has the best beer garden and who hosts the better music.

Below are a few words from Hawkeye fans looking to antagonize some Cyclones.

Why did you decide to wear Hawkeye jerseys on the ride to Ames?

Angie Campbell, 46, of Burlington

Jose Ponce, 30, of Burlington

Ponce: Stir the pot a little bit.

Campbell: Just to aggravate our Iowa State fans.

Ponce: I’m going to play the Iowa anthem song through Jack Trice Stadium.

Will Ames or Iowa City have the better party?

John Vonglan, 36, Waukee

Vonglan: It’s going to be Iowa City.


Because it’s f———, Iowa City.

What do you think of the route going through both towns?

Trevor Thornburgh, 17, and Travis Thornburgh, 23

Travis: I thought it was cool. I graduated from the University of Iowa. People get to experience both.

Trevor: It’s going to be cool to see the rivalry.

Why did you decide to wear rival colors today?

Chris Buhr, 33, of Okoboji

Buhr: I’m riding the black and gold today because we’re riding through rival territory. Had to keep the Hawkeye spirit alive.

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