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Don't you worry, never fear, your wristband will soon be here!

  • 27 June, 2022
  • Andrea Parrott
Wristbands will still be shipping out through July 4th – so if you haven’t received your wristband packet yet please don’t worry!
Reminder: if you are in a group, team, club, or charter, your wristband and any merchandise purchased with registration will go to your Team Captain. You’ll need to make arrangements with them to pick up your packet. If you are an international rider that is not a part of a team, we will hold your packet and you can stop by and pick it up at the Expo in Sergeant Bluff. 
Once your packet ships you or your Team Captain should receive an email with a tracking number. Sometimes these emails get stuck in spam-land so please keep an eye on that inbox.
If you are concerned that your packet has gone to the wrong place – please start by checking your address in the registration system. Navigate to, log in, and click on Registrations in the left hand menu bar. You can find your RAGBRAI XLIX registration there and check your mailing address – and your status as being on a group, team, club, or charter. If that all looks correct, you should be good to go and your packet will be arriving shortly!
If your packet is mailed and it’s sent back to us, we will contact you for your correct address.
If your tracking number says that your packet is delivered but you don’t see it, please contact us.
Above all – DON’T PANIC! RAGBRAI is for fun, and we are here to help :) We will correct as many issues as possible before the ride, but due to mailing times we will cut this off in a few weeks. After that happens all registration issues will be cleared up at the registration station at the Expo in Sergeant Bluff. More info to come with exact location but it will be downtown in the Expo area and run from noon – 9pm.
One final note, this blog post will only sporadically be monitored for questions. If you have an issue with your packet that is not addressed above, please email us at

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  1. feltbiker

    Now that I have purchased someone’s wristband, where can I go to look up to see if my transfer is complete?

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