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Working out. It seems so easy in thought, but it’s so hard in practice! We understand. Everyone is busy and has a million things on their to-do lists. But it’s so important to make sure that you are working out on a regular basis for your heart health! Your heart is a muscle that needs to be worked out in a healthy and consistent way to keep it in tip-top shape.

Make working out a part of your life. Make it a priority, not something you do to lose weight now and again. A lifestyle. Working out needs to be a part of your everyday routine to keep your heart in the best shape you can. Businessolver gets in shape before the RAGBRAI ride by attending workout classes, organized bike rides and running clubs to get and keep ourselves in good heart healthy shape.

Don’t get bored! There are so many ways to workout and keep it creative. Also, just going for a walk outside or working in your garden can be heart healthy activities. Doing anything that gets your heart rate up is good and your heart will thank you.

RAGBRAI is a long ride that you need to prepare for. It would be very risky to hop on your bike day 1 with no training whatsoever. That’s going to hurt later! The healthiest way to ride RAGBRAI is to make sure you have worked out in a consistent manner working up to the route. It is important to do cardio workouts. Not just strength. Yes you need to work your lower body for strength and your upper body but don’t forget your core (very important) so that your back is supported when you’re in the saddle!

Speaking of your heart, let us check it out on the route. Come visit the Businessolver booth for a blood pressure check at each host town.

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