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For RAGBRAI cyclists, Iowa City or Ames? Cornfield or KYBO?

  • 28 July, 2018

RAGBRAI is full of zany traditions and norms. Doing your business in a cornfield? Typical. See a couple grown men bike 60 miles on children’s tricycles? Commonplace.

With the traditions comes everyones own unique way of surviving (and thriving) across Iowa. We asked people a series of this or that questions to see what’s popular.

RAGBRAI Day 6 photos: Sigourney to Iowa City

RAGBRAI Day 6 photos: Sigourney to Iowa City

Iowa City or Ames?

“Iowa City. The river, the architecture of the campus, the downtown area,” said Robb Myer, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Iowa City and Ames are both nice towns, but I much prefer the nice small towns like Sigourney or Newton,” said Myer’s father, Robb Myer, 72, of Hampton, Virginia.

RAGBRAI Day 4 photo: Ames to Newton

RAGBRAI Day 4 photo: Ames to Newton

Cornfield or KYBO?

“Cornfield. I like the fresh air. It’s hard to breathe in the hot port-a-potty,” said Robby Westermann, 33, of Iowa City.

“KYBO. I drink so much and I sweat a lot, so I don’t really need to go on the route,” said Jason Sippy, 28, of Chicago.


Apple or strawberry pie?

“Strawberry rhubarb without a doubt. There’s limited quantities. You have to go early and go often,” Sippy said.

“I’ve been looking for pecan all week,” Westermann said.

“Rhubarb pie,” the elder Myer said.

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Hills or wind?

“Winds. We have winds where we’re from,” Myer said.

“Hills. You can see the top of a hill, but you don’t know when the wind will end,” Sippy said.

RAGBRAI Day 7 photos: Iowa City to Davenport

RAGBRAI Day 7 photos: Iowa City to Davenport


  1. Sandaltan .

    KYBO is the correct term.


  2. James Wilson

    Ames was more fun to me. Riding thru the stadium was a great RAGBRAI experience.

  3. Andrea Parrott

    Updated to the proper spelling of KYBO :)

  4. Barry Schnoor

    Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.

    KYBOs over cornfields. I was impressed with how clean and well-stocked the KYBOs were. They beat gas station bathrooms every time.

    And hills over wind. I can train for hills.

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