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Reply To: Dubuque County Special Events Ordinance

mootsman, October 10, 2014 at 9:05 am

The amount the local government money demands are small compared to how high some organizations are charging for their 1 day events. When it’s a group of bicyclists putting it on for other bicyclists it seems to stay reasonable in most (not all) cases. But some rides have a standard progression like the HHH in Wisconsin. A bicyclist put it on and organized it for many years and even at $65 it was reasonable because it included a great meal, post ride beer and timing services. Once he moved on and the local group that reaped the profits from it took charge (profits were in return for being volunteers), prices got out of control. Since the event fills they have a lottery but they have been charging $5-$10 just to enter the lottery whether you get a spot on the ride or not. And the ride fee had climbed to $90 last year. Plus they cut out the timing service, not that most cared about that service though.

I do understand that the time Sheriffs spend on traffic control costs money so why shouldn’t the rides pay for that. Especially with so many rides demanding services. Why should it fall to tax payers.

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