Registration for Great Iowa Fall Ride Open!

Reply To: Starting and Finishing

jwsknk, February 3, 2015 at 3:06 pm

route is “officially” open 6am to 6 pm. 6-8am its going to be very crowded on the road, to at least the first town. long lines for everything too.
I usually leave 9 or later, after our truck is all loaded up and everyone/thing is accounted for. Sometimes catch tail end of crowd in first town.
Weather and distance affect the crowd too, hot and long more out early. Sometimes I think it feels cooler being out on the road moving than just sitting in town at camp.
Sure, more food choices if you get in early and a better chance of a hot shower if those are important. Food can still be had later, but churches probably out. But we have hit the other extreme too. 3-4 ordered pie at a stand and they asked “how many forks” they gave us each a whole pie.

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