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Reply To: Question on recumbents

Oma-wegian, April 22, 2015 at 8:10 am

Jason..Just the standard Scorpion. Stock off the shelf since it was the floor model. Maybe in a couple of years and as I get into more riding I will move up.

LawnchairMan..It will be just my daughter and myself. Me on the trike and her on a diamond frame. We will be picking her up a new diamond frame after she gets back from Stanford in June. She will store her bike at school over the summer. We really wanted to ride BRAN together this year as well but unfortunately BRAN week is also during her finals week. My wife is on our little team as a non-rider but may only come for a couple evenings. She grew up in northern Iowa.
The weight is listed as 36 lbs (15.67lb). Yes it is a folding frame. But fits in my SUV without folding if the rear seats are folded down. I liked the option to be able use a smaller vehicle if we have to or carry more passengers (like when my wife drops us off and picks us up.

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