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mootsman, October 16, 2015 at 8:03 am


The maintenance budget depends on what government entity owns the trail. Some are city owned, some are county owned and some are state owned. They do maintain them well. Some are considered commuter routes and may even qualify for federal funds. The commuting routes are even plowed in the winter.

All seem to be well maintained. The Root river system had such a positive economic impact to the towns it connected that other towns in the area started clamoring to get connected to it, and did. It has expanded a bunch.

No doubt Iowa is tapping into the economics of bike trail systems as they are expanding theirs aggressively also. All paved. I’ve done those Wisconsin trails including the Elroy-Sparta both when it first opened and now. They haven’t even maintained the crushed limestone very well. Wisconsin should go paved as the border states have left them behind trail wise.

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