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Reply To: Vermont Teams?

vtstream, October 26, 2015 at 11:40 am

Hi Kevin
Thanks for responding.
From what I understand there are several ways to do this ride.
One would be to simply show up and ride. Don’t even pay the fee.
Probably not fair to the promoters.
Another is to buy a ticket (hope you get one, that is) and use the Register provided baggage shuttle and whatever else they offer.
Another is to go as a team, pay for the ride and use whatever services the team offers which seems to vary quite a bit. One description I read said
“TEAM BAD BOY (infamous) brings along a full bar and kitchen sink – on the back of their bikes! They’re an self-contained, rolling party” Not sure I want to go that route, but hey, whatever makes them happy.
So what is the best way to ride this?
Driving out there from Vermont seems like the first big hurdle.
I’m an intermediate long distance touring cyclist used to carrying all my stuff and riding at a very moderate “smell the roses” pace.
I live up in Bakersfield. I’d be happy to meet you sometime in Burl.
I’m retired so have pretty much a wide open schedule.

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