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Reply To: 2016 Logo and Jersey

KenH, November 3, 2015 at 8:10 am

This runs counter to the notion that it is time to have a southern route but last year’s logo gave away the start and end towns by including the date 1973. Could this year’s logo do the same? Could that somewhat standout-ish hammock really be a V as in RAGBRAI V? Start in Onawa, end in Lansing? Both Forest City and Orange City were mentioned above and both could be on such a route. I am still hoping that the pyramid tent means we are going to Ottumwa but you have to follow the clues where they lead, assuming there are clues … and they lead anywhere … and we can follow them!

So a question for those who have an interest in the graphic arts. Do the colors and style of next year’s logo evoke any particular time period or better yet, year, in the span since the first RAGBRAI and now? There could be a clue there if anyone can look at that logo and declare authoritatively that YEAH, that is SO 1987, or whatever!

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