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Reply To: New girl from MD joining her cousin's group for a day or 2–help me?

Stephen Paine, November 10, 2015 at 8:48 am

Ms. Sara, here’s what you might consider. Get your group to all sign up with Pork Belly Ventures as their outfitter. They are especially good for first timers and will take care of you and last year they had an abbreviated version (i.e., you could either sign up for all week or a 3 or 4 day version).

Since you are contemplating only doing maybe half of the ride, Pork Belly last year had what they called the “Half Hog” and I’d guess they will have it again. You can either do the first three days (i.e., ride Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) or the last four days (i.e., ride Wed. to Sat.). The cost is a bit less than for a full week.

Last year for Half Hog they they picked up the folks doing the first three days on Tuesday afternoon at the overnight camp site after the third days ride and dropped them at the Des Moines airport. Then they picked up the folks doing the last four days ride at the Des Moines airport and took them to the campsite where they started the next day. Now depending on the route, that might change this year and you ought to call/email Tammy Pavich at PBV to see if they are doing it again this year. It’s a great solution.

Now, I’m NOT trying to start up on this Forum a “which outfitter is best” discussion as occurs every year on this Forum, I’m just saying PBV had an abbreviated version last year which could serve you well if they do it again this year.

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