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Reply To: New girl from MD joining her cousin's group for a day or 2–help me?

KenH, November 13, 2015 at 12:07 pm

So Ken, do you think Sara needs a charter? Tell us what you really think!!!!!

I actually don’t know for sure! Just trying to make sure the other viewpoint gets the proper consideration. Her cousins have done the ride once so they know the basics. They can do the logistics if they want to, but knowing what they know they may decide they don’t want to do that for however many more cousins are going to join them this coming year. It can be a lot of work and a big distraction from what they enjoy most about the ride. Or not. There is no right answer only a range of options that one should consider. My team has jumped through some hoops to work out all the details in year’s past. I know how that is and I know that charters can deal with that for you. Even if you ride on your own you may want to use some charter services. If I were going to ride the whole week and rely on the Register truck to haul my gear I would drive to the end town, park my car there, and be one of the first in line for some charter or team’s bus from there to the start town!

Even a small team can be its own charter service if things don’t get too complex. This year one of my teammates did the first five days and the other the last two. We all live within a stone’s throw of each other so the one who was joining mid week drove the other’s car to Cedar Rapids (where we over nighted with some friends in lieu of the official campground) and he drove it back home! Easy peasy!! In that case….!!! Last year I offered a ride to the start town to some stranger who posted on this forum and needed one. He never responded but I was not the only one who offered to help so you can in fact rely on the kindness of strangers at this ride if they happen to be going your way. The first year we did RAGBRAI we gave a ride to a member of another team who lives next door to one of us. And then two years after that joined their team for a summer and helped with the logistics of the combined team. Didn’t work that way last year, might next year however. There are many creative ways to solve RAGBRAI’s logistic puzzles and even if you don’t join them officially for the week or a few days the larger teams and charters will offer some transportation services that you can use.

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