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Reply To: New girl from MD joining her cousin's group for a day or 2–help me?

T. Gap Woo, November 18, 2015 at 1:01 pm

“Bicycle Bill”: I am there with you in spirit every day, in the sun that warms you in the morning as it burns away the newly-fallen dew, in the gentle winds that assist you on your way, in the softly-falling rain that cools your flushed and fevered brow, and in the moon and stars that look down on you at night as you rest your weary bodies. I am the person in front of you that you have been futilely chasing all day; I am the person alongside of you sharing a water bottle and some good conversation; I am the person on your wheel who is grateful for the chance to tuck in behind for a while. I am the little girl along the road offering to slap hands as you ride by; I am the young man in the pickup truck handing out $2.00 bottles of ice-cold Gatorade; I am the Amish wife who has spread out a bounteous smörgåsbord of fruits and home-baked goodies (OK, so ‘smörgåsbord’ isn’t Amish but you know where I’m going here); I am her husband who has brought a couple dozen hay bales out to the front yard to give you something to sit on while enjoying some shade and the food; and I am the retired couple sitting in their rockers on their front porch, waving until their arms get tired. I am the townspeople who welcome you into their communities; I am the volunteers who see that you find your way around; I am the firefighters, the EMTs, and the police who put in long hours to make sure that everything and everyone stays safe.I don’t need to be physically in Iowa on a bicycle in July, for wherever two or more of you are gathered in the name of RAGBRAI, I am already there.


That was, indeed, beautiful. I can picture Henry Fonda as Tom Joad in The Grapes of Wrath speaking those same sentiments.

Sara, see what you’re in for? You’ll have a wonderful time. One of the highlights of RAGBRAI is meeting all types of people, both riders and local Iowans.

I’ve ridden only the last 3 RAGBRAIs, with Mrs. Woo driving the support vehicle and arranging the overnight accommodations, so I cannot speak about charters. But if Mrs. Woo and I can figure out the logistics and still have a good time, then anyone can.

See you along the I-O-Way in July. Look for my TGAPWOO license plate and keep an ear out for my ooga horn!

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