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KenH, November 18, 2015 at 10:18 pm

Hi mootsman, thanks for the suggestions but none of that worked. Neither I nor our team contact could find the team when we searched on it. You might ask your team contact if he/she had to recreate the group in the new system or was successful in finding it when they searched for it. Our team seemed to be totally missing.

So, after I registered as an individual I went back into the system and tried to create a new team with our old name. I could not do that during the registration process, kept getting an “unknown error”. Once I was registered however, I was able to create a new team and manage it. Now I would like to think that the system would not let you create a new team using a name that already existed in the system so the fact that I could “steal” our old name to create a new team would suggest that our old team name really never did transfer to the new system. But maybe that is not true or maybe some teams transferred and some got lost or … not gonna even attempt to list all the possibilities! But it would be nice to hear from your team contact if your team transferred to the new system or if it had to be created again in the new system. You mention that the team name is a little different this time which is perhaps an indication that the team had to be recreated.

It’s not a big deal but if anyone else cannot find their team, especially if you are the team contact (because transferred teams could default to private and may only be visible to the team contact), I would suggest registering as an individual rider and then going back to create a team with your old name. If it is true, as it seems to me, that at least some teams did not get transferred to the new system then those of you who are particularly fond of your team’s name might want to go into the system right now and make sure that it is either there and under your control or that you can create a new team with the name you love before someone else decides to use your name.

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