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“Bicycle Bill”, November 29, 2015 at 11:11 am

“Are there vendors who will carry your baggage/tens [sic] and set up the tens [sic] for you?”
“Is there a support company that offers hotels for each night and moves along personal gear?”
“Are there provisions for vegetarian/gluten-free meals?”
“What bands are going to be playing in the overnight towns, and why don’t they get ______________ to perform?”
“Why isn’t there more craft beer offered?”
“Do you think anyone would mind if I used an e-bike?”
In light of questions like these, and the apparent mindset of today’s riders that this is just another week-long vacation where everything should run smoothly and without any unwanted stress, strain, or anything else that wold inconvenience the vacationer, I think that I am going to look into creating and running my own outfitting service next year.  It’s going to be on the order of PBV or Bubba’s Pampered Pedalers, but with a couple of exclusive and important differences:
1)  Of course we will carry your baggage, but we will not set up tents.
2)  That’s because you will not need tents.  All overnights will be in Holiday Inns or other similar accommodations; and if these are not available in the designated overnight towns our air-conditioned motorcoaches will make regular shuttle runs back and forth.
3)  Some organizations provide meals; we will do that even better by having multiple options for meals including vegan, gluten-free, low-carb, high-protein, sodium-free, gourmet, kosher, and halal served at a designated mid-day buffet.  In addition, we will have our own private snack stops at designated points along each day’s route where all snacks will be matched to the rider’s preferences (see the meal options above).
4)  Craft beer will be provided.  You may specify no more than three beers of choice, and we will guarantee at least two bottles of each (per person) will be iced down and available for your consumption at all rest stops as well as in your hotel rooms each night.  Arrangements for other beverage service may be made as well.
5)  We will provide the bicycles.  Our clients will be given their choice of position on one of our specially-made triplet bikes, and we will match each person with two other cyclists (Cat 2 or above) so that the participant need not unduly concern themselves with the effort of actually pedaling the bike unless they choose to do so.  A limited number of deluxe pedicabs featuring full wireless connectivity including built-in Bluetooth speakers for your listening convenience will be available on a reservation-only basis at extra cost; this cost will however include a special limited-edition custom jersey reading “OF COURSE I RODE ON RAGBRAI”.

I have yet to come up with a name, a logo, or a break-even price point as yet, but give me a couple of years and by the time RAGBRAI 50 comes around I should have completely revolutionized the RAGBRAI experience.


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