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KenH, January 8, 2016 at 10:18 am

Have you ever watched the movie Field of Dreams? Well if you have then you should know that old baseball players, corn bears, and corn bats are not the only creatures one could have a close encounter with in the corn fields of Iowa. I for one never venture off the road without my alien tool close to hand….

Love the cartoon but training for pie eating is no laughing matter. I did what was only my second non-RAGBRAI century last year only a few weeks after RAGBRAI while I was still in peak riding form and just like my first century which was an early season 2011 ride I had some serious trouble finishing it. Just ran out of steam at about 80 miles. I can’t really see any reason for that given how much I rode the first three days of RAGBRAI last year with only a little trouble early in the afternoon of the first day which disappeared an hour or so after it began. So my new working theory is that I just don’t typically eat enough on these stand alone century rides. They do have rest stops with good food to eat but I don’t consume anything like as much as I do on RAGBRAI. I probably had a little trouble with all those hills on Sunday this year because I don’t eat enough on Saturday to fully fuel the next day so I had to wait until Sunday morning’s meals were digested enough to kick in mid afternoon. After that each day’s intake helps to fuel the next day’s effort.

So don’t discount the pie, it is serious business!

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