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Reply To: Logistics Questions From Newbies

mootsman, February 4, 2016 at 7:00 am

As far as cell coverage in small towns in the past where voice and text are failing, I noticed good old email still works. A team dist-list would be a help for end-of-day meeting.

You are better off trying to get team “hosts” and use their yards. At the host set up your tents, a shower tent (for now each rider could use a sun shower for warm water) and the like. If you can get a contract to rent Kybos for the week (Iowa porta-potties) rather then use host restrooms. That would expand how many locals are willing to host you. With hosts you’d know the address to meet at in advance. Even without a host just agree on an address which could be the official RAGBRAI campsite & parking. Our team has 6 of the 7 hosts lined up already so start looking right away. But reach out to all friends for their Iowa contacts whether they are going on the trip or not. Even if those Iowa contacts are not in the overnight towns, many times they know someone who is. With so many small towns now would be a good time to start looking. Some hosts may be a few miles out of town.

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