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Reply To: Logistics Questions From Newbies

kmayes, February 6, 2016 at 8:50 pm

As a veteran of 6 RAGBRAI’s, here are two additional suggestions to add to those already mentioned above.
#1: When texting, include in your text message the time you are attempting to send the text. We found that fairly often a text was delayed in actually being sent and/or received and therefore took on a different meaning, i.e. the text may read “Just arrived in xyz town.” If the text was attempted to be sent at 10:00 a.m., but was not really delivered until 12:00, it takes on a whole new meaning because the driver and/or riders may be elsewhere by then and an updated message may or may not have been sent and/or received! Another thing that happened is that some texts that were sent at an earlier time were received after texts that were sent and received later, again, because of delays. Just realize it is not an exact science and is all part of the adventure.
#2: This may or may not be urban legend; however, I have heard that if one wants to rent a vehicle, i.e. your 12-passenger van and trailer, that it is recommended that you reserve it very early because of the very high demand due to others having the exact same idea that you have.
Enjoy the ride!

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