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KenH, February 22, 2016 at 1:01 pm

When I try to pay for my group the system tells me this:

Registration Payment

As the group contact, you are not allowed to make payments until the group has been closed.

Before closing, please keep the following in mind:
All group members, excluding yourself and any minors you registered, must pay before you can close the group. You will pay for yourself and the minors you registered during the group close process.
All group members must submit their waiver before you can close. For adults, this is done during registration. Minor waivers must be mailed in and processed.
You will not be able to register for vehicle passes after group is closed
No one will be able to join your group after group is closed
Members who have registered for the ride will not be able to leave your group

I think there is an option to have one person pay the fees or each individual pay their own fees when you set up the group and I believe I selected individuals pay. The options may be different if you selected group pay but it sounds like you may have selected individual pay. As I read the above everyone except yourself and any minors on the team must pay before you can close the group and finalize the process. You pay for yourself and any minors once the others have paid and you close the group.

So I am guessing that you would have to create an account for your driver and then sign her up and pay her fee yourself before you can close the group. Now it kinda sounds like she has already registered and hasn’t paid yet and in that case your only option may be to have her give you her credentials so you can log on as her and pay with your credit card on her behalf.

Or, email the Register RAGBRAI help desk. They may tell you to use one of the options I just mentioned or they may be able to let you pay somehow. I have asked them questions in the past and they have been prompt and helpful so I am sure they can get you moving forward again one way or another.

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