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Reply To: Music while you cycle

KenH, February 23, 2016 at 8:11 am

Absolutely no ear buds!!! An ear bud wearing dayrider ran me off the road when he moved left in front of me after I called out “on your left!”

You really should never run/ride/walk with earbuds anywhere. It is just too dangerous to lose your sonic connection to the real world. I would much rather listen to your loud, distorted, hackneyed, and tasteless music through speakers than see you riding with earbuds! At RAGBRAI or anywhere else.

But do keep in mind that the phrase “on your left” loses a lot of its value during RAGBRAI. When I am riding in a crowd at RAGBRAI and I hear the call “on your left” behind me I have no idea who said it or to whom it was directed. I ride somewhere in the middle of the RAGBRAI speed range so I am constantly riding in a bubble filled with people ahead of and behind me going both faster and slower than I am which makes sorting out who said what and to whom impossible most of the time. While I do try to pay attention when that is said in case it was meant for my benefit, I can tell you that a lot of other people do not and in fact many of them probably don’t know what it means. Not saying you shouldn’t use the phrase but don’t depend on it as you might safely do at some other events. Leave extra room to pass and be very alert/cautious.

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