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Reply To: Cold Weather Training In Mpls

KenH, February 24, 2016 at 9:59 am

Ha! I was thinking more like a $300 department store fat tire bike so $500 for tires nixes the idea for me!! It’s not like $300 is beyond me but there are a whole lot of $300 items on my buy some day list right now….

In my part of the Chicago metro area (can’t speak for the rest but I have my suspicions…) we do have a plan to clear the bike and pedestrian trails during the winter. The plan even has a name. It’s name is April. Some years March steps up to the plate and this year, for now at least, February did the honors and I was able to ride outdoors this last weekend! More snow expected today, amounts are a matter of much speculation. And some years, hopefully not this one, May has to pick up the slack. Illinois is broke, my friends, we are lucky there is still money to plow the streets. Of course when they do plow the streets the plows just dump more snow onto the bike and pedestrian paths which sometimes run right alongside the street.

Appreciate what you have up there in Minnesota!

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