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Reply To: Hill Grades

DenBiker, March 1, 2016 at 1:02 pm

It is a good question but it is a bit early to get an answer for you. Once the exact route is announced (beginning March 6) we will have the kind of detail you are looking for.

That said (and bear in mind that every RAGBRAI is different) there will be hills and it is possible that a few could be 8+% grades (the RAGBRAI record in my memory is still Potter’s Hill which had a reported section of 19%). However steep grades are not the norm and you will likely find that there will be lots of 4,5 and 6% ers. Being from Colorado I use a cyclometer that measures the incline and I really do not remember seeing a lot of hills in Iowa above 6% – some but not a lot. Perhaps just as important as the grade is the length of the climb. 4 miles at 4% can be more tiring than a 1/4 mile of 8%.

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