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Reply To: Q: Cycling for Weight Loss and Indoor Training Tips

jeffreydennis, March 4, 2016 at 1:14 pm

I have some experience here. Every January I have to re-lose the weight I put on during football season (darn tailgates!). You’re going to get a hundred different answers so here are mine…

Calories in versus calories. I track what I eat (I use MyFitnessPal)and what I extend with a Fitbit Surge. I know it lies about calories out (I think it gives too much credit) but I have learned to compare what I take in to the output treating the numbers as relative measurements. Consistency of measurement is the key here.

Need to boost the metabolism? Use HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) of short strong bursts (30 seconds) with recovery in between of maybe a minute or two (10 sets). Whole workout maybe 30 minutes with warm up and cool down. You can find a ton out there on this but please check with a doctor first.

Weight training and yoga to build muscle and flexibility. Don’t forget upper body, you use that to climb. It’s not all legs.

Keep at it but remember to recover. HIIT two, maybe three times a week and endurance or tempo work with a recovery day or two per week.

That’s just my way. I’m down 18 lbs. since Jan 1.

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