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Reply To: Q: Cycling for Weight Loss and Indoor Training Tips

Stephen Paine, March 4, 2016 at 1:23 pm

I know you will not want to hear this but….diets generally don’t work, at least not for lasting changes. It takes a lifestyle change. And frankly, to take off weight in big numbers, you should have started last summer so you could do it gradually. So all I can tell you is to resolve – today – to do the entire RAGBRAI and take your own time and pace in doing it. But don’t give up. You can do it and use it as a start for long term changes in your lifestyle.

I’ve sorta been in your shoes. I’ve been riding long enough such that even when I got to be 30 to 40 pounds overweight, I could more than hold my own on the flats. On the hills, however, I would lose some ground to my friends and I got tired of it. I went to a medically supervised weight loss program (i.e., md’s and nutritionists – not one of those quick loss places that advertise on the radio) and followed their program. The initial weight loss was a medically supervised Atkins-like diet. The transition after losing the weight, which is where almost all yo-yo dieters fail, is the hardest part and that’s where you need their help the most. Do it now. Don’t wait to have all sorts of medical problems, especially the tendency to get type 2 diabetes (had a blood test lately?). I bet I have had 1 pizza in the past three years but you know what? I don’t miss it a bit (advice – don’t eat anything “white”). And limit your alcohol intake. You can’t stay 20 years old forever.

You can do it. But if you do it correctly, it will take a year to do it and a commitment to keep it off. But you are worth it.

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