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Reply To: Can I choose indoor camping at the last minute?

KenH, July 11, 2016 at 10:41 pm

There was a bad storm the first night of my first RAGBRAI in Marshalltown. The campground was the county fairground or something similar and there were a mix of tent and RV campers. Some of the tents were pitched under an open sided but roofed shelter, our motorhome was parked next to a steel fair building. When the weather hit full force the campground officials chased us all into that building until the worst had passed. I suppose the solid walls of that building were reassuring but I think it could be argued that we would have been as safe in our motorhome as we were in that building if a tornado had hit. The next year a nasty storm hit when a similar mix of campers were deployed around a sturdy brick high school. They left us motorhome residents in our vehicles but the tent campers had a nice, safe shelter to use.

The moral is that while they probably have an emergency plan for those who stay at the official campgrounds, the best available shelter may be of questionable quality. A town of 4,000 might not have emergency storm shelter facilities for 10,000 of us. And I will be in tent this year. The last time that happened was about 30 years ago.

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