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Reply To: Carry my tent or let Ragbrai haul it?

skogerson, July 12, 2016 at 10:13 am

Clearly the answer is to join a team. Team Hee Haw, specifically. We have are a diverse group of fun-loving of people. Your stuff will always be waiting for you at the end. We have most of our overnights set up. You can be as much with the group, or as little that you like. But the more the better….

I tried the charter one year (similar to RAGBRAI) and my bags sat out in the rain. On our bus, we use totes. Your stuff is protected from the elements and getting it on/off the bus in the morning is super easy. We don’t have an automatic, set loadtime, it just evolves by working with each other.

Load/unload in Clive, so your ride to the start is taken care of.

email me skogerson.m@gmail.com if you want more info…

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