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Nico ZZZ, July 14, 2016 at 9:03 am

For Vitamin C: Bloody Mary at the first stop in the morning everyday, and Vodka Lemonades seem to have a great positive effect in the afternoon. = )

So much literature on so many websites, it can be overwhelming. For cramping: salt, pickle juice, mustard (has turmeric in there)! Hammer and Nuun (A Ragbrai sponsor) seem to be popular. Nuun has less sugar/calories than Gatorade, not sure about Hammer. Jelly Belly Sports Beans are advertised heavily on the Tour de France coverage. For energy I have used GU – good flavors, easy to carry and consume. Some packets, tablets, pills have caffeine for an added boost, so be aware of those differences.
Magnesium, ginger, turmeric, amino acid supplements all claim to be beneficial. Whey protein is a popular start to the day. One of my teammates claims quinine is great to prevent leg cramps, so he has the green light to hammer back a couple of gin tonics after a long ride! Hahaha.
I do the magnesium, ginger, turmeric (tastes like pepper) and amino acid in pill or liquid form in the morning, along with a protein drink. Nuun on the ride, will have a GU packet available if I feel the need for energy later in the day’s ride. And yes, a Bloody Mary in the morning, and a Vodka Lemonade in the afternoon. A beer in each pass through to support the local vendors! And I still knock down grilled meat and pulled pork along the way. Can’t wait for Iowa!!!
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