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Reply To: First Ragbrai – looking for camping advice

KenH, July 15, 2016 at 2:52 pm

One man tents are great for when you are alone and backpacking because you don’t want any extra weight to carry. When the Register truck or some charter or team is hauling your tent for you then go bigger, you will appreciate having room for your gear as well as your person. You want to go at least N+1, a two man tent for one person, a three man tent for two, etc. This will be my first time tenting in about three decades and I ended up being a bit piggy I guess. I thought there was a good chance that at least one of my teammates would join me when I bought the three man tent I now have, but I will be alone as it turns out. Some people like to keep their bikes in their tents and maybe that is what I will do. My bike is going to occupy space in the campground at night anyway, might as well put it in the tent with me so that I don’t take up more room than I actually need. But then I’d better bring a moving blanket to protect the floor….

I use Hammer Endurolyte capsules which you can get at most bike or running shops. I’m not promoting the brand, use whatever you like, but I do prefer to have a capsule/pill/tablet form of electrolytes rather than a drink or drink additive. That way all the water on my bike is just water which is what you want most of the time. If you need electrolytes too it is easy to just pop a couple and if anyone asks you what they are you just shrug and say “I don’t know, someone who said his name was Lance gave them to me and they sure work great!” I have buddies and hear of more folks who have one bottle of water and one of a sports drink and it seems like they are always out of whichever it is they need right at the moment. Capsules are much better, IMHO.

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