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Reply To: Random RAGBRAI Thoughts For 2016

DougHarris, August 3, 2016 at 5:16 pm

THANK YOU for commenting about the blaring music thing! I have had a good time on the rides the past two years and don’t want to sound like I am nitpicking…but what is the mentality of someone who thinks everyone in a 100 yard radius WANTS to hear their music. Granted it is few and far between but I was unable to hear the rider I was conversing with or my own personal music as these people approached from behind and slowly passed by. Does anyone ever tell them to turn it down?

The only other thing that seemed to happen to me more than usual this year was this situation: I would ride up on 2 or 3 bikers riding slower than the rest side by side…not a problem as I don’t/can’t ride very fast…then the call of “car up” happens forcing faster bikers out of the left lane…those 3 bikers need to not ride side by side briefly as they became a sort of blockade for a mass of bikers behind them…imagine to semi trucks side by side on the highway while 30 to 50 cars bottle up behind them. I know it is not a race but I did feel that those bikers weren’t really concerned about the safe flow of biking at that moment…

These are big issues I know…just situations where people could probably be more aware/considerate…

Thanks to the many thousands that do try to be considerate to all riders around them…and even though I said it in person to as many as I could, I also say should say thanks to the armed service riders again and the willingness to help those in need…I have been blessed not to have a flat on RAGBRAI but it was comforting to know that should I have bike issues it wouldn’t have been long when help would have swooped in…Thanks for your help in RAGBRAI and definitely for your service to our country!

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