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Reply To: Lance Armstrong Riding

“Bicycle Bill”, August 4, 2016 at 2:32 am

Michrider wrote:
We’ve both used PED’s (my drug of choice was several doses of steroids for Lefty).  We both were stripped of our Tour records. You will not find either of our names listed in official Tour de France records!!!

Well, I’m not in the Tour de France records either; but someday that will change.  I’m waiting for the powers that be to remove the records and palmares of all the riders — not just Lance — who tested positive during the Armstrong era; then they will need to find any riders left in the peloton who were clean and elevate them, ex post facto, to the podium.  And since it is pretty much general knowledge that no one was 100% squeaky clean, they will eventually work their way down to people like myself and Michrider.

And since he has admitted PED usage as well, that will leave just me…..


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