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Reply To: Biking etiquette, common sense and not being stupid.

Niles, August 8, 2016 at 10:33 am

@ppayne1959: I agree your assessment of the general situation. I guess we are calling out here to raise awareness. It will be useful to some less experienced rider and those who will pay attention to situations.

Riding teams I have problem with are those ride in double paceline and force themselves through even there is barely enough room on the left due to the traffic situation. I was almost clipped down by one such rider this year. I don’t want to mention the exact name of such team but maybe you remember that have already run into them because of the beer brand on their jersey.

Please don’t move left/right too soon after your pass without paying attention to the riders you just pass. My other (very) close call this year is that a rider carrying his package passed me on left but immediately changed into my line of riding (and slowed down) on downhill. It could be very serious incident if I hadn’t been able to weaving to my left.

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