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Altidude, August 8, 2016 at 3:03 pm

Thanks for reminding me that an eight hour drive Denver to Omaha is much better than trying to fly there these days. Had we decided to fly instead of drive this year, it is very likely that the Southwest FUBAR would have screwed us. Of course, if it had, we still would have had the option of jumping in the car and driving, just getting in later than we wanted. If you are on the other side of the country, you don’t have that option.

It has gotten to the point that I won’t even fly for personal business if I can drive in 8 hours of less. Unfortunately, since I am in the Denver area, there aren’t a lot of places within eight hours. Omaha, SLC, Albuquerque, Kansas City. When I do fly, I refuse to take a flight after 9:00Am any more. If you try to fly after that, the odds of a delay or cancellation are higher, and odds continue to get worse as the day goes on. By evening in the summer, it seems like half of flights in/out of DIA are late or cancelled, even on a good day. Denver gets thunderstorms almost every afternoon June->August. If the computer foul ups don’t get you, the weather or mechanical delays will.

On top of that, the $125+ each way bike fee just kills it for us. I used to fly everywhere with my bike in the old days when it was $15-25 dollars. Long ago back in the 80’s we flew from Florida to Calgary with a tandem, and it was $15 to Calgary for the bike and free coming back. They didn’t even require a box back then, you just turned your handlebars sideways. I don’t think you can even take a tandem even in a box on an airline now unless it has couplers.

I’d bet some enterprising company could rent mid-range road bikes at the start of RAGBRAI for $500 for the week, with check up service during the week, and collection at the end. People pay $450 extra on top of all the other charter fees just to have Pork Belly put up and take down a tent every day. I’m sure some fraction of those people would pay $500 to rent a bike for the ride. People pay over $500 to rent a good mountain bike in Moab for a week.

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